Happy 50th Earth Day!

What our world has been going through is devastating beyond words. We have lost loved ones, gone through sickness and lived with much fear and uncertainty. We've been exhausted and frazzled being home with the kids, and we have so many questions about how long this will go on and what the future will look like. And no one really knows.

Yet as we have all been forced to pause and take a break, some things have been happening, unintentionally and quietly, as we are distracted by our struggles, that are positive nonetheless.

The skies above our big cities have never been so clear; air pollution around the worlds has dropped to much lower levels, faster than we thought possible. People in Punjab can see the Himalayas from their homes for the first time, goats have taken over towns in Wales, lions are taking naps on empty roads in Africa, seas turtle babies in Brazil have a much safer journey to the ocean, the world is quieter and the Venice canals are crystal-clear and full of life.

So in the midst of this disastrous pandemic, we're taking a moment to reflect on some of the good that we've seen.

We know that this is obviously not the way to do it, we can't keep staying home and we need people to have work and make a living, but we also don't have to go all the way "back to normal". In so many ways, what we were doing wasn't normal!

We have a choice, and can reshape our world to reflect what really matters to us. And even if we don't quite know what it will all look like - if nothing else, let's make a pact to remember what's possible.

The artwork that was inspired by the changes we are seeing is available as a free digital wallpaper for your phone or desktop below. 

​We thought it'd be a nice way to remind us every day of how our planet can change for the better.


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